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Hold on to your hats, “Arrow” and “The Flash” fans because we’ve got a very interesting spoiler that is sure to be a game-changer on the upcoming spinoff series!

According to ScreenCrush, new photos uploaded by the Instagram user “Punkd_Images” confirms who Caity Lotz will be playing in the upcoming “Arrow/Flash” spinoff.

Given the fact that in the photo Lotz appears to be dressed all in white, Sara Lance will likely return as the White Canary due to the fact that “she came back wrong” after being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit.

In the original comics, ScreenCrush reports that the White Canary was a minor villain who often used her martial arts skills to fight the Birds of Prey-which included the Black Canary herself, Dinah Laurel Lance.

Screen Rant proposes an interesting theory: in the DC Comics mythology, the Lazarus Pits can sustain life over time, but if you wanted to resurrect someone, then that particular pit will be drained of its power for good.

Perhaps in “Arrow” Oliver Queen does accept the position of Ra’s al Ghul, but winds up handing the position back to Nyssa at some point, since she’s the true Heir to the Demon by birth and blood.

However, it is also possible that Nyssa knows the location of the Lazarus Pits and brings Sara back to life as a way to get back at her father for handing her birthright over to Oliver, which would explain Lotz’s involvement with the “Arrow/Flash” spinoff.

As Screen Rant also points out, the Pit is a double-edged sword. In the original comics, when a good soul enters the waters, they return with little to no grasp on the person that they were before.

Sara “coming back wrong” from the Lazarus Pit would allow the “Arrow” and “The Flash” showrunners to bring back a fan favorite actress while essentially creating a new character because pre-Pit and post-Pit Sara would have two different personalities.

Plus, since the original White Canary was a villain that plagued the Birds of Prey, it is possible that post-Pit Sara will be wreaking havoc for Ray Palmer/The Atom on the “Arrow/Flash” spinoff too.

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EDIT: Looks like the article bellow is FALSE, according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who tweeted about it. It was also promised that the title would be revealed soon.

A few months after being announced, the upcoming”Arrow”/”Flash” spinoff series finally has a working title — and it may hint at which one of the show’s many established characters will take the lead. As revealed over on Spoiler TV, the show’s working title is “The Atom,” which indicates that the new series will prominently feature Brandon Routh’s armored-up hero.

Routh debuted as scientist Ray Palmer in “Arrow’s” season three premiere and has since had a recurring role in the show, appearing in fourteen episodes so far. The character will soon make the jump over to “The Flash” in the episode titled “All-Star Team Up.” Of the new show’s assembled cast, which also includes former “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller and “Mad Men” supporting player Caity Lotz, Routh has arguably the highest profile after playing the Man of Steel in the 2006 film “Superman Return.”

In addition to Routh, “The Atom” will star Miller as Captain Cold and Lotz as Canary. Additionally, “Flash” actors Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein) and Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave) will star in the series, alongside newcomers Ciara Renée (Hawkgirl) and Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter). “Flash” and “Arrow” EPs Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim are at the helm of the project, along with Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Productions.


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Our gallery has been updated with photos from Caity’s public appearances, new additions and even a few missing events! Huge thank you to my friend Gabby for sending over most of the photos!

001.jpg 005.jpg 001.jpg 025.jpg


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It really should come as no surprise that The CW is tapping the Arrow and Flash well for another spinoff. But what did shock fans was the announcement that Caity Lotz, whose Arrow character Sara Lance died earlier this season, would somehow play a role on this new superhero team-up project.

The untitled drama—which is being developed by Arrow and Flash executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, as well as Arrow boss Marc Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter—stars Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom), Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart/Captain Cold), Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory, Heat Wave), Victor Garber (Martin Stein/Firestorm), Ciara Renee (Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl), Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) and Lotz. But, seriously, how?! EW has a few (albeit far-fetched) theories on how the actress will appear on the new project:

1. Lazarus Pits: Putting Sara’s corpse into Ra’s al Ghul’s own fountain of youth is pretty much the No. 1 theory right now. If the comics have proven anything, there are some severe side effects to taking a dip—including basically going insane—which could bring out a whole new side to Sara that viewers have never seen before, offering up a wealth of story lines in the potential series. On the flip side, Sara has been dead for quite a while, so even the Lazarus Pits may not be able to save her.

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High definition blu-ray screen captures of Caity reprising her role as Annie in The Pact II has been added. Check them out in our gallery!


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I’ve added high definition screen captures of Caity as Ava/The Machine to the gallery. Take a look!


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EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics superheroes are uniting in a potential new drama series at the CW, a spinoff from hits Arrow and The Flash that will feature several fan-favorite recurring actors/characters from both shows. I have learned that the network has teamed with Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim for a project eyed for next season toplined by Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller and Caity Lotz.

The untitled project, now in development, is described as a superhero team-up show. Routh, Miller and Garber will reprise their popular DC Comics characters  — Arrow‘s Ray Palmer/The Atom (Routh),Flash villain Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Miller), and Flash‘s Dr. Martin Stein (Garber). Because her Arrowcharacter Sara Lance was killed off, with her sister Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) taking over as the Black Canary, it is unclear whether Lotz will play the same or new superhero.

The project is in early stages of development, so there is a possibility for other Arrow/Flash characters to cross over to the new spinoff. Additionally, in a tidbit that should get fans fired up, I have learned the new project will include three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series.

This is the project CW president Mark Pedowitz vaguely referenced at TCA in January. It will not be part of the current pilot cycle. With the creative auspices and talent involved, I hear that it could go straight to series, possibly for next midseason.

Berlanti and Kreisberg, who also co-created The Flash, executive produce alongside Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter for Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti Prods.

Teaming up superheroes has been a winning formula, as proven by the success of the Justice League and The Avengers comics. Marvel’s The Avengers have crossed over to features, with DC’s Justice League also on its way to the big screen. Routh is repped by UTA and Main Title, Lotz is repped by UTA and Atlas Artists.


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High definition screencaptures from this week’s episode of Arrow have been added to our gallery. It was so great to see Caity again on Arrow, and as always, she kicked some ass (Katie’s in this case). I really hope she gets to be in more episodes, even if only through flashbacks.

0011.jpg 0702.jpg 0986.jpg 01083.jpg


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The producer’s preview for this week’s episode of Arrow has been uploaded! In the video bellow, Andrew Kreisberg speaks about the episode, and we get to see a few scenes from it.

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I’ve added four HQ episodic stills of next week’s episode. Take a view!


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